An A/B Email Marketing Test, What Does It Look Like?

Marketing emails are subject to a number of different kinds of testing. However, what actually constitutes a successful email test?

Come along with me as we take a look at an example. GetResponse A/B testing will be utilized in this example, but you may use the same techniques for any system that you plan to use in the future.

Different Wording

One of First Prince Marketing’s clients supplied the following example. It was their intention to do A/B testing in order to discover the most effective topic lines.

Words like “FREE” and “Percentage Discounts” should be avoided in the subject lines of emails. Free or discount percentages (Percent Off) are good examples of such language. But when used judiciously, other terms may have a positive impact on the number of leads generated. But when used judiciously, other terms may have a positive impact on the number of leads generated.

You’ve got something worth promoting, and you should do it. People will tune out if you overuse these terms, so use them sparingly.

examples of these terms in addition to “announcement”, for instances include “announcing”, “[new guidance]” and “[new offer]”.

For the sake of gauging the effectiveness of the emails, First Prince Marketing’s email supplier included phrases like these in the subject line.

Email Subject Lines Used.

They were able to increase their open rate by 3.9% by testing these two subject lines “Announcing this month’s Coffee flavor, Pumpkin Spice! ” and “Look over our newest Coffee flavor!”

They are now aware that in future sends, it may give greater value to their contacts to be more descriptive in the subject line and then to follow it up with a strong link to the content inside the email. This is something that they will be able to do now that they have this knowledge.

Subject Line, Preview Text

In order for someone to want to open the email, the preview content and the subject line must work together to provide enough value. This test is intriguing since it changes the location of the information. When the first email was sent, which did not win, the subject line had the information, and the preview text promoted the ebook. This is reversed in the winning e-mail.

Tests like these will help you learn more about how your contacts engage with the subject and preview text, as well as which method they prefer for reading the information.

Understanding Contacts

You’ll learn more about how your contacts like to receive information if you run a couple of these experiments.

For inspiration, consider using these two mentioned examples of A/B testing from a real-world company. There is a wide range of things you can test, depending on what your goals are.

To discover how your contacts would like to receive your information, you should send out a series of emails over a period of time to see what works best for them and what doesn’t.

By regularly testing your emails, you are able to keep the relationships you’ve built with your contacts and ensure that you’re providing them with the value that they expect.