Creating Email Copy That Converts, Quick Tips


Creating email copy that converts can be the determining factor on whether your email campaign succeeds or fails. Email has also become an important part of marketing for any business, whether brick & mortar or on-line. Below you will find some awesome tips and tricks to increase your opens, clicks, and conversions with your email marketing campaigns.


Keep it Really Simple

Do you know or understand that you have just seconds to capture your reader’s attention? So, make sure that you use simple copy in all your emails. You also do not want to complicated words or industry jargon in your text. Write your words as if you are talking to a friend.


Make it Scannable

Let me say this first, People Are Using Mobile More Now Than Ever, and the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your reader. Do not write long paragraphs and tons of copy. Come up with a design that breaks down your text into shorter sections with punchy subheadlines, numbered or bulleted lists. Your reader can then read through your text quickly and grasp the message you are trying to get across.


Talk About Benefits Instead of Features

Always write compelling copy that lets your reader know what is in it for them. You are able to do this by talking about how your product or service will BENEFIT THEM. Do Not just list out all the features of your product or service. I promise benefits will always beat out features of your product or service to your potential customer.


Use “You” & Not “We,” “Me,” Or “I”

Keep the focus of your email copy on your readers rather than on yourself. Do not provide unnecessary information about you or your company. The people who subscribed to your emails are looking for how your product or service will benefit them and how they can help them. You are able to do this by being more customer-centric and remember to use “You,” and not “We,” “Me,” or “I.”


Align Your Copy With Your Subject Line

If your subscribers are opening your emails? Then you need to make sure you are delivering on what you promised in your email’s subject line. You will more than likely lose your reader’s trust if you do not do this. Make sure that the copy of your email is in line with your subject line, plus the pretext.


Use SEO Keywords Accordingly

It is just as important to use keywords in your email copy as it is for your website. Using keywords will boost your reader’s interest plus, increasing your chances of success with search engines. Make your content useful & well-written, and avoid fitting too many keywords in, that do not belong.



In order to increase the success of your email marketing campaigns, you must create copy that converts. These quick tips will help you create text for your email campaigns that successfully convert more readers into customers.


We here at first prince marketing can help you with creating email copy that converts. Give me a call to see what we can do for you.