Email Deliverability Strategy: What You Should Know

Email deliverability strategy and what you should know about this vital component of email marketing

So over the years, eCommerce has become a source of target clients for most brands. Thus, it’s unsurprising to see huge competitions in the various business niche.

In response, multiple brands are utilizing various marketing techniques to win over clients. One of the most reliable methods so far is email marketing.

However, while email remains a popular marketing tool, understanding email deliverability strategy is key. 

If you would like to learn about email deliverability and its importance to your marketing effort, this article is for you.

What is Email Deliverability Strategy?

The understanding and measurement of a sender’s success in passing across marketing emails into the inbox of contacts are known as email deliverability. However, it is worth noting that delivery and deliverability differ.

Delivery means whether the email’s recipient accepts the message or not. It is about understanding if the message is acceptable and whether the email address exists.

On the contrary, deliverability emphasizes is on the email’s landing space, i.e. either inbox or spam folder. Also, it includes knowing the success rate of the emails reaching the inbox.

An Awesome Email Deliverability Strategy:

An awesome mail deliverability strategy centers on identifying the email deliverability metrics’ trends. Such trends include opens, bounces, unsubscribe spam reports, and clicks.

More so, it focuses on developing a framework to establish your strategy according to individuals who get influenced by the trends. Although several goals often accompany sent emails, the first objective is to get the email into the inbox.

By understanding email deliverability’s trends, you can understand the success rate of getting your message and value across to the people.

With every sent email, your business will have extra data to improve your next emails to be sent. Thus, email deliverability serves as a guide to improve your business growth via email marketing.

Why Email Deliverability is Important!

Email marketing requires building trust between your brand and the recipients of your emails. However, it’s almost impossible to gain people’s trust without offering value.

More importantly, when you understand the performance of your emails, it will help determine whether you are providing value or not. Without getting the emails into the inbox, the recipients might never open them.

By not getting open, then it is impossible to get a click. No click means zero building of trust.

Thus, you won’t be able to create a beneficial, long-lasting relationship with your clients. Email marketing starts with ensuring your emails enter your recipient’s inbox.

In other words, everything boils down to email deliverability. Thus, email deliverability is crucial for business growth and advancement.

Failure to deliver your emails translates into a lack of value, no customer relationships, and reduced revenue. So, if you have been paying little to less attention to your email deliverability, you might want to reconsider your stance.

An Email deliverability Strategy Provides:

Email deliverability provides a vast amount of information that comes in handy for building lasting relationships with your recipients. As far as email marketing is concerned, previous records influence future outcomes.

People who used to check your emails may choose not to see your messages in their inbox anymore. It’s all about the kind of trust that you are developing.

For instance, if the emails sent previously are not being engaged by the recipients, it will affect your future deliveries – this is where graymail comes in.


An email that you technically choose to receive but do not need is known as graymail. Essentially, graymail doesn’t violate the spam rule.

At the same time, it is not an email that people want to receive or read.

For instance, let’s assume you want a 10% off coupon for a teddy bear, which you need to get for your sister on an eCommerce website. To secure the coupon, you sign up with your email.

After the purchase, you keep getting emails related to a teddy bear, despite not interested in a teddy bear. Such emails are graymail that is not spamming since you registered for it.

However, you don’t engage them. As a brand owner using email marketing, your messages may fall into this category if you don’t monitor with email deliverability strategy.


By incorporating an email deliverability strategy in your email marketing plan, you will get a good idea of what happens to every email that you send to your contacts.

In this way, you can determine the value that you are giving out and whether you are building trust or not.

Without any doubt, an email deliverability strategy will not only make your marketing effort successful but also give value to your email recipients.