How Email Marketing Helps Your Small Business Grow More Revenue?

How email marketing helps your small business grow more revenue? Well, lots of smart business minds have thought about that very question.

Just like all smart business owners, you would like to know the benefits of email marketing. Well, besides there is a whole list of benefits, the number one benefit is your return on investment (ROI).

The Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing brings in about $44 for every $1 you spend. The highest ROIs of any type of marketing is email marketing.

That’s some pretty impressive statistics but, I understand you need more information to make an informed decision. So, I have outlined five ways email marketing will help grow your revenue.


1. Increase Sales Using Email Marketing

Your email marketing efforts need to convert to sales ultimately. You are doing this by sharing information about your business via emails.

You want your email efforts to pay off in sales, by helping subscribers understanding your products and/or services. This all in turn means more money in your cash register.


Emails That Bring Sales

What are the different kinds of emails that bring in the most sales? The perfect way to increase sales through email marketing is to send a mixture of emails to your subscribers. Except there are a few kinds of emails that frequently help drive sales more than others:


Promotional Email

There is nothing more tempting to a subscriber than an awesome deal. Now, two things can happen here. First, your subscriber becomes a customer, if they were not already. Second, your now customer saves some cash and, your bottom line gets a cash flow boost. Not too shabby, right? I want you to keep in mind that promotional email is not just for your anything% off sale. You can use them to offer perks like free shipping, free product trial, etc…


New Arrival Email

Email your subscribers when you receive the latest news item, service you are offering, or update arrivals at your business. In your email add a link so that your subscribers can purchase instantly.

By using email marketing you will help spread the word fast about your promotions.

Yes, these emails will boost your revenue but you aren’t able to use them to sell 24/7. Your customers deserve more than that. Every email you send gets your subscribers that much is closer to making a purchasing decision. This is why a variety of emails is the best email strategy. Your emails will help establish trust, relationships, and increase your brand awareness – all of which play a huge role in the purchasing process.


2. Keeping Your Business Top Of Mind

By using email marketing you can keep your business, product, and/or services on the top of the minds of your subscribers. Emails act as a subtle reminder about your business, product, and/or services.

Example: You run an auto body shop and regularly email your customers promotions and car maintenance tips. Now, when your subscriber gets in an accident, your business will jump to mind. Why, because of your consistent emailing, and as a result, your subscriber heads to your auto body shop for repairs. Emailing will keep you in front of your subscribers and customers.

So, what types of emails keep your business on top of your subscriber’s minds? There are several and these emails are more about staying in touch with customers and not selling. Here are a few examples:


Using a newsletter is an awesome way to inform your subscribers about your business. As the saying goes “The sky’s the limit” for newsletter content. Talk a little about your business, upcoming events, special employees, your niche-specific news, and/or tips.


Holiday Emails

Send your subscribers an email when a holiday comes around. You can keep your email short unless that’s your niche in some way (If it is then you will want to capitalize on the moment). Wish everyone a happy blank-holiday, use a colorful banner that celebrates blank-holiday, offer a discount for blank-holiday, etc… It does not have to be a traditional holiday either. Using a holiday is an awesome reason to reach out to your subscribers.


3. Regular Emails Keep Customers Coming Back

Another awesome thing about emailing your subscribers regularly is it helps you build an ever-lasting relationship with your customers. A business can not survive on just one-time customers. A business needs customers who keep coming back, again and again, to survive, FACT. By using email marketing can make that goal a reality. You are doing this by regularly emailing your customers, and then you encourage them to make another purchase.

Example: It’s just like you are out & about and run into an old friend at the gas station, which leads to a meeting up later to hang out and catch up. Well, an email works just like that. Your email is the spontaneous meet-up, and the purchase is the hanging out and catch up.

What are the kinds of emails that keep repeat business thriving? Once again, variety is the best. However, there are a few types of emails that do help bring customers back into the sales cycle.


Reorder emails

If you have a product or service that you offer, that is purchased on a regular basis, bye-weekly, monthly, etc.? Then sending a reorder email is a great way to remind your past customers to reorder.

Example: If you are an auto mechanic shop? You could send out reminder emails to your customers, it’s almost time to have their vehicle served. This will require some tracking on your part, but it’s an awesome way to encourage repeat business.


The We Miss You Email

From time to time, you will have customers fall off the sales grid for a while. Send these customers an email that encourages them to come back. You could use a simple subject line as “We miss you.” Add a discount to lure your customer back and encourage another purchase.


4. Email Authority

An excellent way to establish authority in your niche is using email marketing. Show your customers that you understand your business inside and out, through creative emails. In these emails, you can showcase your knowledge without bragging. You want to send emails that provide value to your customers.

Not to mention that your emails that provide high value get shared. It’s just as good as word of mouth because it is just in email form. When you send out an email that’s helpful, it will be forwarded to that subscriber’s acutance. When this happens, you are establishing yourself as a leader in your niche and gaining customers. There are quite a variety of emails that can help you establish your authority. Let’s take a look at three of them.


Product use tips

Help your customers get the most out of your product. Give them some helpful advice like maintenance tips or highlight the features of a product.

Example: You sell plants, you can send emails that show customers how to keep their plants healthy. You sell lawn equipment you can send emails that take customers to a blog post that highlights winter maintenance tips.


Industry news

You can send your subscribers industry news information they care about within your niche. Say you sell fishing gear, send an email about new types of fishing poles or lures.



Newsletters are an awesome way to share news, tips, how-tos, events, and even a promotion or two. A good mix of information makes newsletters valuable and informative.


5. Establish And Nurture Relationships Through Email

It’s just human nature to rely on those you trust and It’s no different in the business world. Now by using email, you can establish and nurture a relationship with your subscribers. Look at your emails as a virtual handshake or a conversation between you and your subscribers. You can make a personal connection with your subscribers using email. This doesn’t matter if you’re courting new customers or engaging with loyal members, your email campaign is one of the best ways to build a relationship.


Welcome email

When you have a new person sign up for your email list. The first email they receive is your welcome email. Your welcome email should introduce them to your business and its products and/or services. It can be a quick welcome email with a promotion, or one that offers more information.



Using newsletters lets your subscribers feel connected to your company. This needs to be a big part of your relationship puzzle.


Testimonial email

Testimonial emails are another way that helps nurture a relationship. By sharing a testimonial you reestablish your customer’s choice in your business and help your subscribers that are yet customers to purchase your products and/or services.



I hope this answered your question, how email marketing helps your small business grow more revenue? The real main thing to take away from this is that your emails are a conversation with your subscribers and their answers are the clicks and your ROI.

We here at First Prince Marketing are here to help you make the most out of every email you send. Let us create your email campaigns that can set your business apart. We have the knowledge to create each one of the email types listed above a reality for you, plus a whole lot more.

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