Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rate Immediately!

Improve your email marketing open rates immediately using these awesome techniques. Many people may think that email marketing is dead, but it still has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy. In other words, email marketing has an average return of $42 for every $1 spent.

The key to taking advantage of this is to find a way to stand out from the crowd, and one easy way to figure out if your email marketing efforts are paying off is to pay attention to the open rates of your email campaigns. 

Here are some of the best ways you can improve the open rates for your email marketing campaigns:

Engaging Subject Line

The first thing that readers see on any email is the subject line. If you have not tested and optimized your emails, you are leaving money on the table big time.


  1. A/B testing is not just for your landing pages and websites; it is also an essential part of your email marketing.
  2. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Use a familiar sender name.
  4. Avoid the “no-reply” sender name.
  5. Use personalization tokens.
  6. Segment your lists.
  7. Do not make false promises.
  8. Do tell them what is inside.
  9. Time it right.
  10. Use concise language.
  11. Start with action-oriented verbs.
  12. Make people feel special.
  13. Create a sense of importance.
  14. Use numbers.
  15. Pose a compelling question.
  16. Do not be afraid to get punny.
  18. DO NOT overuse exclamation points!!!
  19. Do not include a question and exclamation in the same subject line.
  20. Use engaging preview text.
  21. Use emojis to stand out.


Write Quality Content

If your readers come to expect your business to send engaging, entertaining, and informative emails? You will see a substantial increase in your open rates.

However, If you are sending information that your readers can find elsewhere, or you are sending them nothing but promotional emails. Then your messages will end up in the trash bin. 


  1. One of the best ways to keep your open rates high is by sending high-quality emails less frequently, say only once a week.
  2. Write for your audience write your email copy for your readers.
  3. Choose the right words, use some phycology in your email marketing strategy.
  4. Be Relevant.
  5. Get personal with your reader, and also by letting them know who you are.
  6. Reword your readers.
  7. Always remember your goal.


Send at the Right Time

As with everything in business, including marketing, timing is everything. That is particularly true when it comes to email marketing. You want to make sure that you are sending emails at the most appropriate times, based on your audience, message, and intent. You need to do some A/B testing to find this out, or you can do your research on the industry to determine the typical results.


  1. Day or Night to mail – Day!
  2. No Mondays
  3. Send out event-oriented emails 3-5 days before an event.
  4. Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday tend to be the best.

You need to look at your data to determine the best times and days.


Avoiding Spam Filters

The filters on email servers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and if your emails end up in your subscribers’ spam folders, you will see your open rate plummet. If you want to stay out of spam folders? Then you need to make sure you avoid sending emails that look spammy.


  1. Limit the number of links in your message and make sure it does not read like a brochure.
  2. Pay Attention to Technicalities
  3. Use a recognizable sender name
  4. Choose a reliable ESP – Email Service Providers
  5. Get a certificate from a third party
  6. Check if you are a blacklisted sender
  7. Test your emails before sending them
  8. Always be up-to-date with spam filters technology, ISP practices, and anti-spam law
  9. Keep email lists clean
  10. Never, ever buy email lists!
  11. Remove hard bounces from your mailing lists
  12. Pay attention to the dormant subscribers
  13. Ask for the subscription twice
  14. Respect the unsubscribers
  15. Take good care of the subject lines
  17. Stay away from spam trigger words
  18. Do not make false promises
  19. Take good care of the email body
  20. Avoid rich media content
  21. Avoid embedding forms
  22. Avoid including attachments
  23. Tone down the fonts and colors
  24. Cut back on the images
  25. Make sure your images display correctly
  26. Offer both plain text and HTML
  27. Correct spelling and grammar
  28. Make it easy to unsubscribe
  29. Take care of the follow-up



These are some of the best ways to ensure your emails get opened. If you want to run an email marketing campaign that is successful? Then you need to work on increasing your open rates or just give us a call, to talk with me about handling your email marketing needs.