Email Marketing Strategy

What Does an Email Marketing Strategy Look Like?

I want you to take a moment and give a little thought to these questions.

  • What if any goals do you have for your email marketing strategy?
  • What kind of autoresponder do you use to send out your emails?
  • How do you measure the success of your email strategy?

Grab a piece of paper and pen or you could just open Notepad on your computer and write down or type out what you think the important aspects are for your email marketing strategy are.

Please write them down before reading any further.

I will be going over some that I think are important.

So, please write down or type out what you think the important aspects are for your email marketing strategy, before moving on.

Alright, I know that might have been a little on the hard side, and/or you might have a wrote out a long list explaining what your email marketing strategy might look like.

Now, your email marketing strategy probably looks different from some other business, like baseness. But, when it comes to email marketing strategy implementation, There are three main things every successful email marketing strategy do have in common:


3 Main Aspects of a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

  1. Autoresponder (Software)
  2. Understanding your full funnel’s conversions (From Start to Purchase)
  3. Have clearly defined goals


First, you will need an autoresponder to implement and track your emails.

Second, You will want to make sure you fully understand your funnel’s conversions from the point of entry to the process of purchase.

Thirdly, you need to have your goals clearly defined.

Using these three aspects will help you implement a viable strategy that will allow you to get a better return on growth and success.


1. Autoresponder (Software)

I know it seems kind of obvious that you will need an autoresponder to implement your email marketing strategy, but you need to understand what each autoresponder can do for you to be successful is very important to your overall strategy.

Now, there all kinds of autoresponder providers out there that you can pick the chose the features that you will need.

I’m not here to sell you on any particular autoresponder, but I do have some recommendations your autoresponder should be able to do for your business.

One of the most important is the ability to be connected to your contact database. I’m not talking about an autoresponder where your contacts are just stored but tracks the behaviors and qualities of your contacts. If your autoresponder can connect these two together then you will have all your information readily available for personalization and segmentation. Which by the way are two parts of the three core pillars of your email marketing strategy.

Your autoresponder should not only allow you to personalize and segment your email but, It should also allow you to analyze your emails also. You will want an autoresponder that gives you deep information into what worked (Went Well) & what needs to be optimized for better performance.

It should track deliverability plus, automatically send emails based on your user’s activity. This will allow you to send the right email, to the right person, at the right time.

The autoresponder you use should make your day-to-day easier. From handling your emails to other parts of your inbound strategy.

An awesome autoresponder will drive and sustain your email marketing strategy Which will allow you to continually optimize your email strategy.


2. Understanding your full funnel’s conversions (From Start to Purchase)

Fully understanding your funnel’s conversions from start to finish is vital to developing a successful email marketing strategy. Remember, your contacts are not just interacting with your emails. They are connecting with you via chatbot, reading your blog, and following you on social media.

Completely understanding the conversions your having will help your email marketing strategy.

Okay, email is awesome, but you need to understand when and where email works. Plus, when and where other channels will work better than email.

Trust me, there is nothing more aggravating than setting up an awesome conversation in the WRONG CHANNEL.

Quick example: I was trying to get a hold of my mom (God rest her soul) using Facebook messenger. The reason I was using Facebook was that I was in an area with no phone service at a friend of mine’s house but had he had wifi. I was trying to let my mom know I was running behind but was fixing to be on my way. Needless to say no answer. She had a Facebook profile but hardly was on Facebook. So, this should be obvious but WRONG CHANNEL.

As soon as I had phone service, I sent her a text message. I had an answer in 5 sec flat letting me know, Okay. RIGHT CHANNEL!

Your job as an inbound professional is to have conversations with all your prospects and customers within all your channels. From emails to social media, delivering the right message at the right time on the correct channel is where you are giving a real human and useful experience. By doing this you are creating awesome value for your prospects.

3. Have clearly defined goals

Without clearly defined goals behind your emails. You are not going to know if your emails worked or crashed and burned. (Truth) Setting clearly defined goals for your email strategy will help you understand each and every email you send, allowing you to comprehend how successful your emails are.

Make sure to know your goal before writing and you send your email because if you don’t understand your goal how in the world will your prospect know what to do or why they got the email. Which could possibly cause people to unsubscribe.

Of course, setting goals in all your inbound marketing strategies are just as important. Specify, define out, why you are doing what you are doing.


Simon Sinek stated, “People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it”


By setting clearly defined goals your contacts will understand why they are getting your email, Plus why you do what you do.

Remember to be human and helpful every time you send an email, your email marketing strategy success relies on it.



Your email marketing strategy probably looks slightly different from what I showed you, but by applying these three simple things it will help you implement your own email marketing strategies:

  1. Autoresponder (Software)
  2. Understanding your full funnel’s conversions (From Start to Purchase)
  3. Have clearly defined goals


Email is still growing and evolving in today’s ever-changing world.

It is definitely not shiny and new, But it is what works best for a highly personalized and contextual conversation with your contacts.

Your goal is not the inbox but talking to and engaging with your contacts are.

When creating conversation and engaging with your people is how you create an awesome email marketing strategy that will help grow your audience, which will grow your business.