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Our Promise to YOU

First Prince Marketing will work alongside you to develop a successful marketing campaign including using our industry experience to execute successful digital advertising initiatives that work for your brand, creating attention-grabbing subject lines, increasing click-through rates and providing the tools necessary to analyze and evaluate campaign results for future campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a short list of frequently asked questions. If you ave any questions you would like answered please get in contact with us.

Can you build an email strategy for me?

Yes, we will work with you using three steps, to create aeffective email strategy:

  • First, by identifying what your specific email marketing goals are. Are you using email for customer retention, to upsell or cross-sell, to convert prospects into paying customers? We will work together to determine the quantitative and qualitative aspects of these goals.
  • Second, we will make sure each part of your email marketing aligns with the overall digital marketing strategy of your organization.
  • Finally, we will work together to establish a process for continuous improvement.


Will you test and optimize my email campaigns?

We take a scientific approach to optimize your email campaigns:

  • First, by asking the question – how do I improve engagement?
  • Second, by formulating a hypothesis (A/B Testing)– will sending emails earlier in the day result in higher levels of engagement?
  • Third, testing the hypothesis (A/B Testing)– sending one set of emails in the morning and one set in the afternoon.
  • Analyze and document the results to see if your hypothesis is correct. Did the emails sent in the morning have higher levels of engagement than the emails sent in the afternoon?
  • Forth, analyze, and document the results to see if your hypothesis is correct. Did the emails sent in the morning have higher levels of engagement than the emails sent in the afternoon?
  • Fith, learn from the results to improve future campaigns. If the performance was better during a certain time, send future emails at the time of day that performed better.

How do I know if an email campaign is successful? What kind of metrics should I look at?

Every brand considers different metrics the most valuable—you have to decide which is the best indicator of success for your particular Brands campaign, based on your unique goals. The most important thing is to analyze a series of consistent metrics. Looking at any metric in isolation isn’t a good idea because it’s usually easy to improve a single metric. If you look at multiple metrics, you’ll have a better idea of performance.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the method to follow up with your customers and prospects via email. Email marketing is different from spamming because the prospect has to opt-in and request the email newsletter. A spam message, which is illegal under the Can-Spam act is where the company purchases an email list and blasts it out to thousands of people in hopes that someone is interested in the product.

Because true opt-in email marketing is permission-based, it can have a high return on investment. Most studies put the figure at around 42 to 1 or 4200% ROI.

Can I not use my email for email marketing?

I have seen this mistake every so often with people new to email marketing that are too cheap to pay for software. The short answer is Do Not Do This! It is not compliant with the Can-Spam act and it’s not designed for email newsletters.

Does email marketing work?

Absolutely, it works. That is why it is being used by anyone from mom and pop shops to big companies like Amazon. The fact is Amazon got so big by using email marketing campaigns and if Sears would have followed its root and converted from snail mail to email, they would have been bigger than Amazon is today. Like anything else, it’s not guaranteed. You still need to have quality content and be emailing out to your list consistently.