These Tips and tricks help drive traffic to your new websites that you’re having a difficult time getting visitors to unless you have money, it’s easy. Simply choose the best advertising platform in your target market’s location and buy ads there. But how can you get free traffic sources if you don’t have any money?

And now I’ll go through the best free traffic generators for new websites.

1. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular source of free traffic. See, it’s the second-most popular search engine.

Neal Patel was able to organically grow his channel to over 490,000 subscribers and about one million monthly views in about 3 years. You’re probably thinking about how to leverage YouTube to get free traffic. If you wish to utilize YouTube, you must post videos to it.

When posting videos, the best thing you can do is extensively promote them during the first 24 hours after their publication. I’m not talking about paid advertising.

Tell your friends about it, get them to share it, get them to enjoy the video, and get them to leave comments. Request that people provide comments on your video as you are recording them. If I were to make a video like this, I may ask, “Have you ever uploaded a YouTube video?” If you have or have not, leave a “yes” or “no” remark. In terms of YouTube’s algorithm, the success of a video in its first 24 hours is the most important.

This covers both participation and view counts. You may also inform YouTube viewers that you have a cheat sheet or checklist on your website.

As a result, if you have a website and are making these YouTube videos, and you lead people to a certain URL on your site, you’ll find that they will manually put it in, and you’ll get free traffic to your website. That’s what I’ve done before, and it works well. Use it when you have something awesome to give away for free. So, remember not to use it with every single video you create, since this will wear it out.

2. Udemy

You can attract visitors from Udemy by offering a free course. According to SimilarWeb, Udemy receives over 68 million visitors every month. That’s a lot of traffic. The great thing about Udemy members is that they are continually looking for new information. You can keep all of the PDFs, workbooks, checklists, and downloadables on your website and offer your free course in addition to them.

Users from Udemy will ultimately reach your website this way. Furthermore, those people are really engaged, so it’s an awesome way to When someone views a five-minute, ten-minute, twenty-minute, or thirty-minute video on Udemy and is actively learning, you can be certain that they are really engaged and will be far more likely to convert when they visit your website. You’re building a wonderful friendship and connection with them. Furthermore, you are establishing trust.

This will also help convert those visitors into customers.

3. Podcast

The third traffic source I recommend is podcast tours. You’re probably curious about podcast tours. Don’t worry, I don’t want you to add a podcast to your website. There are loads of podcasts in your niche that include interviews with different people. So you’re going to look for those podcasts.

Look up each of those podcasts. You can search the iTunes Store, Google, Bing, etc. I know Google now indexes podcasts. Look for those who converse with a variety of people. Request an appearance on their show and explain what you can provide their audience that would be valuable. During your interview, be sure to share the URL of your website and give them something for free that they can only get there, pushing them to visit your site.

So, instead of the audience just stating, “Oh, I’m too lazy to type the URL,” basically, it gives them a reason. However, if you provide them with something really helpful, they will visit your website, and you will be able to convert all of those podcast listeners into site visitors.

This could lead to emails, requests for advice, and maybe even sales of your goods or services.

4. Tailwind Tribes

The fourth source of traffic is Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest. You’ve probably all heard of Pinterest.

They’re massive, and you want to accumulate as many pins as possible while you’re on Pinterest. Because the more pins you have, the more attention they get, and the longer people remain on your site, the more visits you will receive. Below is what you need to do to utilize Pinterest.

Please locate any boards that already have 20 pins. This strategy is likely to be more effective if you look for boards with at least 20 pins.

Following that, you must submit some images. You can also create them for free on Canva and connect them to your best blog entries. When you do this, make sure the image is related to your blog content.

I can’t simply pin dog pics and urge folks to read my marketing blogs on Pinterest. Unfortunately, it will not work. However, if it’s relevant, it’ll work. After signing up for a free trial account with Tailwind, which does not require a credit card, click the “Find a Tribe” option and begin looking for tribes in your niche. You may find a ton of them by just entering keywords.

And all you have to do is share the best content from other tribe members in order for others to start sharing your content as well. As a consequence of doing so, you’ll see an increase in the number of pins, boosting the possibility that more people will visit your website. It works quite well. To be effective, you must share 30 to 50 pins every day.

That will allow you to work much more efficiently.

Here’s a hint:

You may schedule them in Tailwinds to avoid having to complete them all at once.

5. Virtual Summits

Hold virtual summits. Choose a topic that is very specific to your event; in other words, you want to narrow down your niche.Why? Because everyone else offers conferences on marketing, pets, or whatever else there is. And if you’re going to do marketing virtual summits, don’t do SEO as a general practice.

As an example, you may dedicate an entire event to link building, or you can dedicate an entire event to Facebook’s social media shares, or anything else. As a result, being really niched down increases your chances of success significantly. Then they deliver it in a very engaging way.

If you’re just targeting Facebook, for example, I would target Facebook organic reach and then give PDF action instructions, templates, swipe files, checklists, and cheat sheets.

All of this will make people exclaim, “Oh my God, this is going to be amazing.” Please let me join, enter my email address, and invite others.

Now, choose the format. Should it just be a brief course, interviews, or slide presentations offered? How long will it continue, and will there be live questions and answers? Once you’ve figured everything out, my advice is to mix up the speakers and do a little bit of everything. Before promoting your event, you should also start talking to other influential people and inviting them to attend.

However, when these influencers are there as guests, make sure they also share the information with their list and others. After all, this will also help them obtain further attention. You obviously get to utilize everyone who is promoting it. You get this master list and promote each speaker/s on it, benefiting both you and the speaker/s.

And, while hosting this virtual event, make sure that visitors can access the files, cheat sheets, videos, and recordings on your website; this will motivate them to come back. Make sure to incorporate a sales funnel as well.

Because you want to ensure that when these people visit your website, you sell more things. There’s a good chance you can upsell someone to the recorded version of your virtual summit after they’ve been interested in it for a few hours. You may even upsell them on additional event-related items or services.

Remember that, while selecting a specialty for your virtual event is important, it must also be relevant to the goods and services you offer. because if it’s unconnected, you won’t perform as well.

6. Facebook Groups

During its second-quarter earnings call, Facebook said that 200 million of its users are members of meaningful groups. They also have regular discussions with other Facebook users in these groups. When compared to the past two years, that figure has almost doubled. Due to privacy concerns, Facebook is concentrating less on its normal public News Feeds and more on private interactions through groups.

They said as much during the FA Conference in May 2019. That simply means you have a lot of opportunities to enhance traffic using Facebook Groups.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Start sharing other people’s content inside the group.
  • Participate and engage by leaving comments.
  • Give advice to others by replying to their questions.
  • Then and only then, start submitting articles and videos about the material you’ve been making once you’ve been doing this for a while—I’m talking a few weeks straight here.

It will attract people to visit your website. If it’s a video, explain how viewers may get an ebook or cheat sheet by visiting a certain URL on your website. This will indirectly boost the number of visits to your website. Because Facebook encourages visitors to stay on their site, articles will not do as well as videos. If you use videos, be sure to refer visitors to the page on your website where they may access the extras.

This is how you will receive free Facebook traffic.

My final Thought


Okay, I realize I just went through a lot of strategies, and you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Here’s what I want you to do. Simply use one of those tactics to put what you’ve learned into action. This will significantly improve your chances of success.

You do not have to do all of them at once.

So, thank you for reading.

If you need any help, please contact us.

I appreciate your interest.