Why Is Your Email Design Important?

Why is your email design important, because it is connected to many other aspects of your email marketing strategy.

Your email design is a large part of creating a high performing email.

What Makes Your Email Design Important

What is it that makes your email design so, important or better yet Impactful?

When you design your awesome email you need to make sure your content is guiding your contacts to your desired goal, usually the click.

Your content and design are equal partners in importance when it comes to delivering value to your contacts. Your quality content combined with your awesome design will keep your contacts coming back.

You know as an inbound professional, you are in charge of designing a lot of things. Such things as “Where you should place the call-to-action?” or “How many images you should include in this email?”

These are the kinds of decisions that will help deliver your content through an awesome email design.

A simple and attainable email design is the best. The reason for this is because your contact, the reader, does not have to do any work to find the value in your email.

Awesome email designs will support your main goal, plus will help you to continually provide value.

So, Why Is Email Design So Important?

The two foundational benefits of well-designed emails are as follows:

  1. Clearly communicate your message
  2. Provide a consistent experience

Clearly Communicate Your Message

Your email design helps to communicate your content clearly.

This, in turn, helps drive the content you are sending by giving value to your contacts towards the main goal you have.

Thus, helping you create everlasting relationships.

Your email design acts kind of like a guide, allowing your contacts to either, just go over the highlights or to dive further into your content and ultimately your main goal.

Design Is Powerful

What about the last time a design you saw moved you?

Let me guess, your thinking of Images or logos you have seen, right? And, you have heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well, your design will convey information and inspires each of your contacts, the reader, to take action, “your main goal.”

Your email design allows you, to better communicate your content and the value you are giving.

Providing Consistent Experience

By doing this, you can create a consistent experience across your emails.

Tying all of this together with your business helps create a consistent experience across your business as well.

One of the core things about the best business (Virgin) is that they create a consistent experience across their business for the USER’s ease of use.

More To This Principle

As more and more businesses are appearing in the world, such as other apps, coffee shops, platforms, or restaurants.

Remember, your emails are but one part of a conversation you and your business are having, with your contacts.

By creating a consistent experience across all your channels and conversations, your design will allow your contacts to know that even though the conversation or medium may have changed, your business did not.

Consistent Design

A consistent design helps you build trust with your audience.

Believe it or not, the design you use can shape how your contact feels about interacting with you and your business.

The images, design, and even the colors you use make us all feel a certain way.

Do you think your contacts to be some kind of alien, different from your own human emotions, NO?


By doing all of this, consistency helps lead to less friction for your contacts.

In other words, if your contacts can not figure out who the email is coming from, what the value or point inside of the email is. They will stop engaging and potentially lose any trust they have in you or your business.

You want your email design to create a frictionless experience for your contacts and to help you continue your email marketing efforts.

Create an outline of your marketing email design. This will help you clearly communicate your message and create that consistent experience.

Remember in your email marketing strategy to be human and helpful, and the same goes for your email design.